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Is HTTP: down for everyone right now?

Requested URL (http:/postdesk.com/blog/how-the-religious-right-censored-the-uk-media-christian-mothers-union-head-appointed-as-expert-by-cameron/) doesn't seem to be a valid web-address!

Check the correct URL (i.e. facebook.com, login.yahoo.com, http://www.youtube.com/channels etc.)

URL-address in question:

Recent downtime requests (domain names only, updated every 30 minutes) - Thursday, 27 November 2014

maps.google.com mapslive.com facebook.com instagram.com mobile.de toobe8.com ru.chaturbate.com ru.chaturbate.com director-ro.com battlelog.battlefield.com amesecurities.com.my subwaysurfers.activecheat.com youtu.be.siteaero.com trendyever.com phc.edu.tw sexibl.com pentagramme.com

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